Senin, 18 Juli 2011

my quiet-busy day

I'm so sorry for not post for a while. but I didn't do it with no reason. I have, of course.
I was really busy. It was the first week at school and the assignment really wow. It looked like the teachers racing who gave the most much assignment. it was crazy and I'm so tired. and now a days I mostly sleepless, I thought I got insomnia. I can't sleep at early time.

This is my second year at Senior High School. I was speechless and afraid. know why? Because I thought that this second year must be hard and I don't know how to through it well. I know what I was thought is false. I don't have any self confidence yet to through this. I always hear that this second year at Senior High School the lesson is sooo hard. at least, that was my cousin said. I don't want to get down like this. So, I wrote this post between my fast and busy time.

 no matter what happen next. I must be stronger and have much self confidence to through this. I can't be lose because of this hard lesson. people can, why I am not.

this is my way to have my self confidence back and stronger and never ever ever get tired to try and through this. you know, I think my self confidence and my energy is back. I don't want to have negative thinking anymore. I must be strong. 

I had a new class and a few new classmates. I haven't know them well yet. But, I try to have a good friendship with them. today, my 2 friend have to moving their class because that was enjoined by the fucking vice headmaster. I don't intentionally to upset with him but all students at my school hate him. Because he rough. really rough and arrogant.
before they move, I had perpetuated crazy-weird moment but it doesn't much and fortunately they're not into.

this is some of my friends. there are deddy, aqil (I usually call him babe), and mauni (I usually call her muni) I thought she has a problem, maybe serious problem with her boyfriend, so that's way she looked so sad and frustrated at the  photo.

love, natasha

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  1. aaaaah I do not post any tittle. oooh, okay I don't what tittle must be on this post

  2. the photos took by my friend, Dira with a little retouched by me