Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Spending my Bored-Time

a couple days ago, my 2nd brother really noisy to go to Ramayana (I lived in small town and the kitsch place to hangout like a mall is only Ramayana). we had much ticket's zone 2000. really much. we have placed it in the box because of that. That's why my brother forced to went there immediately. even though he was tired and asleep, but imagine that he cans play and change those tickets with games he really wants make him happy and always asked unimportant thing (it was his sign, he was happy then he asked everything).

at first, I won't to went there because that day was the last chapter of my favorite drama. but mom forced me to go. it was okay in the trip. it was night, in the car and I bought my camera. So, I can tried a new tech how to make a bright highlight (I don't know what the name of that effect, actually) which I read on my favorite photographer's blog.

what do you think about my artwork? hope you liked it, I'm still learning hehe. 
to short the whole story, I've played some games and suddenly saw the cutest kid (or baby?)

she is cute, isn't she? hehe

so, the good things from the story (you do what you didn't like is) you can did the great things at the same time. did you know what I mean? I bet you not. I didn't want to go to Ramayana, but I can learned to make bright highlight on the photo in the camera and I met the cutest kid (or baby?). that's the example.  
you want to see the whole photos? click :here 

love, natasha

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  1. hoo..org pyk toh..salam kenal..

  2. tinggal aja sih hehe.salam kenal juga. orang payakumbuh ya?