Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

My turn!!

well, it's been a really looong time doesn't post anything here. i'd love to write recently and fold it to a ship. just like Kugy (main character of Perahu Kertas) did. it's such sweet thing to do. and i feel feminine, for sure.

start with... i'm in the last year of senior high school right now AAAAA but yeah. try to pick one of those state university. this is the hardest, not only to choose but to get in there. this is surely determine my future. what kind of job i'll get. will be face national exam soon, too. before these big things come all assignments come coincide, and make me crazy as this goes.

to be honest,  i don't know what's my good at. so, i'll try to do everything sincerely. make myself happy with all those pains happen at school. you know, unstable period in reaching 17.

start today, i wanna be mature without changing who i really am inside. i wanna try the hardest so i'm not gonna regret everything i'll get soon.

this changing be kinda practicing for me. practicing the new life i'll get soon. being far from my parents, my beloved friends, my boyfriend and doing everything by myself. find new friends, try anything new. sounds fun, but will be hard to do, too. i feel it. only 3 months to go or less.

i have to move, if i want to get success. have to face pain first and fall down tears to reach happy. have to outing sweat before could smiles happily. this is rules in the hard world.

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